tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)

name: joyce
age: 17 (can’t we be seventeeeeEEEEEN)
sexuality: pansexual
relationship status: in a steady relationship with theatre
eye color: brown
height: 5’3” 1/2

favorite season? summer.
favorite movie/s?: girl, interrupted, captain america: the winter soldier, st. trinians
favorite album?: really digging hadley fraser’s new ep ‘just let go’
favorite band?: freelance whales or the beatles or green day  or the vaccines
favorite quote?: “dick is abundant and low-value.”
favorite shirt?: recently i’ve been really fond of this black crop top i bought last year

smoke?: no(t frequently)
drink?: when there’s alcohol around, yeah.
write?: as often as i possible can
play an instrument?:  yes: guitar, bass, simple drum beats, the kazoo, like 4 songs on the recorder, and most recently i picked up the ukulele

your favorite place: probably my bedroom at three am when the window is open
your favorite memory: final bows opening night of my high school production of ‘grease’ was pretty amazing
your ideal partner:  sings, trash can hobo, scruffy, giant dork, sebastian stan pretty much
your bedroom: it’s a fucking mess right now, but i’ve got a bunk bed all to myself and my desktop and a dresser and a lot of storage for the random crap i have
yourself in three words: tired, but aspiring

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T A G S:  joyce likes to clothes    about me  

this is how i can tell my hair is getting too long

T A G S:  joyce likes to clothes  

i should probably stop buying instruments huh

Winter Soldier Cosplay, photo by mcxi

BREAKING NEWS: Teen robot tries to pass for human, fails.

T A G S:  joyce likes to clothes  

aesthetic: early-morning, late-night trash queens

T A G S:  joyce likes to clothes    ft. the bestie    liestotrust    marijuanana