I’m pretty sure this is all the high fives in Romeo es Julia, though I don’t guarantee I’ve managed to catch them all. If you know of another one, let me know where it is so I can gif it too!

You’re the best!

(p.s. attn: bro-stoevsky :D )

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rómeó és júlia — vár reánk a mindenség

ítélet napig s tovább,
véghetetlen időkig még,
őrzi titkunk fent az ég,
vár reánk a mindenség.

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mourir pour toi n’est pas mourir

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RetJ Week isn’t that far away so I’ve decided to post a reminder, which includes a few updates!

  • It’s from July 26th till August 2nd
  • Anything is acceptable! Fanart, fanfiction, edits, headcanons, texts posts simply gushing over the musical - anything and everything is allowed!
  • At this point there are two days with optional themes - July 28th is Crossover (could be crossover with productions or crossover with other fandoms - the choice is yours!), and July 31st is Favorite Romeo and Juliette! These are optional, so if you feel like doing something else on these days you are more than free to!
  • Please do not post any hate - this is a week of celebration, not a week of fandom drama!
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to tag all posts for this week as “retj week” within the first five tags so that everyone is able to see them!

And that’s about it! There will probably be at least one more update post between now and the actual start of the week. Until then, hope you have fun and can’t wait to see how this week will turn out!

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