i swear to god cyril has posted my photos on his official page and the official romeo et juliette page and/or liked the photos or comments i’ve made pertaining to the graphics

let me do the graphic design for romeo and juliet


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I am talking to you, who do you think you are?Who gives you the authority? We are nothing but children. It is you who have invented death.

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Damien Sargue circa 1998

English …translation? Version? of ‘Comment Lui Dire’

I dug up my very old (according to my computer, the last time I wrote in the document was April 26th, 2012) re-write of Comment Lui Dire.

Maybe this will help?

I know Cristina already has an excellent version translated and was WAY more creative in lyric-writing than I am (I’m not good at writing lyrics, so I tried to stick to the original French version…ish), but here’s my version as well.

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