The entire year had been absolute shit for Anna Robertson.

The last 3 movies she had been in had been flops at the box office, her 4 year addiction to cocaine was back to nip her in the butt, and there were far more negative terms used in the tabloids to describe her. Anna’s squeeky clean image had been torn to shreds.

This movie was her last chance to clean herself up in the eyes of practically everyone she had known. To her fans, her friends, her family, she was a failure. Anna was determined to prove them all wrong.

It was an unholy hour of the morning, but it was the only time Anna could go out in public without being noticed. As she walked through the aisles of Walmart she began to think about her co-star, Julian Larson-Armstrong. Usually she didn’t because she felt dirty thinking about him that way. He was a couple years younger than her, but he was fit and generally a sight for sore eyes to see. And boy were her eyes sore.

She didn’t notice Adam Clavell following her down every aisle.

Anna walked over the the section where intimate items were being sold and she giggled like a school girl because Julian was still on her mind. This was when Adam took the first slash at her arm.

She screamed and grasped at her bloodied arm as Adam clapped his hand over her mouth. “Scream and I’ll drag this knife across your pretty little throat.” he whispered to her. Anna nodded and slowly, he removed his hand from her mouth.

"W-what the hell do you want from me? Did Mark send you? I told him I’d pay him back when I had the m-" Adam cut her off. "I’m not here to listen to you babble on about your drug escapades. I’m here to ask you two simple questions. Answer them and I’ll leave. Got it?" Anna nodded, her eyes wide with fear.

"Question one: Is Julian Larson taking the role opposite you?" Anna was confused by what he was asking. Why the hell would a fairly cute, although completely insane, teenaged boy care about Julian Larson? "W-why do you care?" she asked. "Wrong answer." Adam whispered harshly into her ear. He slashed he arm a second time. "Yes he is!" she whimpered and she fell to her knees in pain.

Adam had a satisfied smile on his face. He crouched down to be at face level with her. ”Good. Now question two. Are you the one marrying him?” This time Anna didn’t question his intentions. “Yes.” she said quietly. “Shame,” and Adam sliced her arm a third time. “He could do so much better.” Anna gasped at the pain and touched her arm gingerly.

As Adam stood up, he avoided eye contact with her. “I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad.” His tone was softer now. The sudden change in personality scared her just as much as the knife had. She watched him walk away before fumbling to reach her cellphone in her pocket. She dialed 911.

A shit year, indeed.

Adam Clavell | Dalton by CP Coulter

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