george blagden is 23

fra fee is 27


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"[Stephen Hawking] makes a big point in his books that he was born on the eighth of January, which is the date of Galileo’s death. I said, ‘You’re the eighth, and I was actually born on the sixth of January, so we’re both Capricorns.’" Long pause, and then the famous computerized voice: “I’m an astronomer, not an astrologer,” Hawking said. “I thought, Holy shit. Stephen Hawking thinks the actor who’s playing him thinks he’s Mystic Meg or Shelley von Strunckel.” (x)

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i’m makin’ love to bonnie, and that sure beats countin’ sheep

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M A K E  M E  C H O O S E

syntaxofaberrations asked war horse movie or war horse stage show

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Ball Gown


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Sebastian Stan’s super-villain origin story:

  • people keep saying that Bucky Barnes is a villain to his face
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